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Doing This Blog My Own Way

I've realized that I get paralyzed by the idea of writing in my blogs because I have a really strange pattern of creation output that just isn't the typical "preferred" way of doing things. I don't really show up in a way that will "grow an audience" in any way, shape, or form, so I end up just giving up.

In other words,

I like to write and write and write A LOT...sometimes even several days in a row, sometimes even several times a day

and then

I stop.

Completely stop.

I like to take long breaks from writing and simply just live and BE without thinking too much.

And readers don't seem to stay interested in people that only show up when they feel like it.

BUT, I am doing this for ME. Writing helps me process my experiences, so I am giving myself permission to write whenever I feel like it and take breaks whenever I feel like it.

I also give myself permission to write just a few words OR long-winded narratives, if that's what I feel like.

Official permission granted.

For me, by me.

Lots of love,



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