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Trauma is Not Your Fault

I was part of a trauma support group for a little while as I was processing some of my own complex trauma and one thing I noticed is that some people have gone through things that are just next level. I mean things that are truly unfathomable. I know people say that we should never compare our traumas, but honestly, I think we do need to be aware that some people have been through hell and back over and over again and truly deserve our love and massive respect.

These are people who have been through




We're talking unfathomable, long-term, disturbingly unfair garbage that cannot (and should not) be dismissed by the manifestation lovelies and prosperity gospel gurus out there.

They've been through things nobody should ever have to endure and then have to sit and listen to people in their lives tell them that it was their fault.

These are strong, wise, hopeful, compassionate humans that have had some crap thrown their way, despite their own best efforts to pray for help and "attract" all the good and happy things into their lives.

It's not fair. Life is simply not fair to some people.

And I just want to give my heart to every single person on this planet who has had to endure a mess they didn't create.

I see you.

I hear you.

I validate your pain.

It was not your fault.

You did not do something "wrong."

Life just happens sometimes.

Please find help and support however you can.

Lots of love,


As a side note, I do believe that we can and do sometimes contribute to our traumatic experiences in life, but this post is not about that. This post is about the things that happen to us that we did not choose or invite into our lives.


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